The place to go to do E-Business

E-Business encompasses a variety of processes and user interactions that make up your full business transaction cycle. From marketing, quoting and pricing, appointments, contracts, billing & payment processing, online purchases, rewards programs, and customer support, more and more of today's customer expects to be able to get these services on the internet, and to communicate with your business anytime, in a mobile environment. 

You currently may have some services for a portion of your business and want more of it online, or you might be starting new, or you might be in in that place where you need to grow and a more automated information management system is just necessary to compete. Vibizon can help you with all aspects of your revenue cycle. 

There are many reasons why you will want to have all your information management available in a single system and not a hodge-podge of disconnected widgets and services from multiple providers.

  • Price Point per User.
  • Full array of functionality.
  • Ability to customize easily for a specific industry or niche. 

So here’s a checklist of some things you should consider right now.

1. How important is it to have the Customer Register themselves? Have a rewards program?

2. Do you need to price and quote a new agreement online from anywhere you're working? 

3. How important is it to be able to take payments online and have those related seamlessly to the work done? 

4. How important is it to have appointments online, for customers to request, or for you to manage your schedule, and track work hours? 

5. Would digital marketing in the form of emails and texts to keep you on your customer's mind be important?