Who We Are

Vibizon is a software company with a smart program that helps enterprises conduct e-business and manage consumers, suppliers, and partners. There are significant technology gaps in enterprises that operate an e-business, which includes e-commerce and internal business activities. Enterprises struggle with too many interfaced software applications and need a smart program for e-business. The solution is to use Vibizon's one smart program and modules versus multiple interfaced applications. This breakthrough provides enterprises and their customers and suppliers a better way to conduct convenient, integrated e-business transactions.


Vibizon is dedicated to helping entrepreneuers and small to medium businesses (SMEs) realize their dreams, improve the success rate of their businesses (90% do not meet their plans), and support the creation of jobs, by moving them easily into the digital e-business process. 

Value Proposition

Vibizon provides an online e-business environment where entrepreneurs and small businesses can get the products and services they need to help grow or start businesses and conduct social media activities, use applications, and perform e-commerce transactions to help improve or expand their businesses.

Meeting Needs

Small businesses create over 50% of new jobs, and start approximately 1 million new businesses annually in the US as other existing businesses dissolve. The majority of small businesses ultimately fail and need help to improve their chances of success. Approximately 67% of high school students do not get a college degree and need better alternatives like starting a business and having an online e-business to help support them in getting started and with obtaining success. In addition, approximately 40% or an estimated 8 million self-employed entrepreneurs in the US are over the age of 50, and are starting businesses faster than any other age group and need an easy to use online business environment to help them conduct and grow their businesses. These combinations and increasing demand for starting and growing small businesses are creating the perfect storm for Vibizon to provide its integrated products and services. These products and services are organized in 10 categories: social media, applications, web services, business planning, insurance, supplies, computer and electronics, legal services, and financial services.





  Paul W. Harrison, Chairman

The Company’s management team has extensive experience and several successes. The team has an executive that was in the Fortune 500, produced technologies that have been used by an estimated 180 million people worldwide, and started and sold several companies that ultimately created over $5 billion in new revenues and value. In addition to a strong management team, Vibizon has a dynamic team in key functional areas and will be enhancing its infrastructure and personnel after raising capital and growing its revenues. Vibizon believes a strong empowered team that can take direction and operate independently is important to its success.

For Investor Inquiry please contact Mr. Harrison at paul.harrison@vibizon.com