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Vibizon eBiz Software

Vibizon's eBiz Software provides an automated way to run your business as an e-Business and offers much more functionality than single applications or modules sold separately in the market. E-Business through Vibizon's eBiz software processes events and activities that involve customer relationships (CRM), purchasing, suppliers, billing, and reporting, and provides business owners and decision makers better information in a single vendor solution. We supply this solution in cloud-based services, easy for you to access from anywhere you work, anytime. 

Current growth trends show businesses must manage both on-line transactions and physical ones, so a business would need several different applications or services, and would need a larger, expensive system such as a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) plus an e-commerce system to get an end-to-end solution for a true e-business. We have a solution for the combined needs of e-commerce sales, delivery and support, with the functionality that supports your brick and mortar sales and operations  as well, all in one system. Vibizon's eBiz is more convenient and less costly than other alternatives.  Vibizon can provide your company the competitive edge you need, for a price point that increases your bottom line in a single sign-on system. 

Vibizon’s unique AI powered e-business software program can assist enterprises of all sizes to expand their business through digital transactions. Vibizon’s AI powered eBiz program connects to web-sites and user portals, in an intuitive, friendly way; provides many configurable applications (just need 1 to start) and business intelligence and analytics (BI & A), and can be easily configured as one super application or into niche products for the targeted SMEs.

The applications in Vibizon’s e-business program includes about 20 applications, including specialized applications that apply to the industries we currently serve. See below...

Vibizon eBiz Applications:

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