ViCare Telehealth

Vibizon ViCare is a cloud-hosted configurable coordinating program for Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring. 

ViCare supports Remote Patient Monitoring in provider practices for chronically ill patients. ViCare is used to manage a patient's care, or a span of time in patient care, which can be based on a diagnosis, either a chronic condition, or an acute incident including an accident or injury resulting in a medical case which continues beyond an episode of care, possibly across multiple healthcare facilities and visits and at home. ViCare tracks patient physiologic parameters from easy-to-use Bluetooth-enabled home monitoring devices, and gives the physician features for monitoring and interventions to keep selected patient populations stable and healthy.

ViCare Virtual Consultations features face-to-face patient appointments with Video, Live Chat, File Sharing, Recording, and multiple participants like additional physicians, caregivers, and family. 

View ViCare Telehealth Video

To view a video presentation for Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring, you will need to register or log in to the site, in the upper right hand corner above. You will also need a passcode to view the video. Passcodes are provided by Sales, and you can contact us 678-841-0911 to obtain a passcode.